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Feedback from our textile community


Dear Ms. Harten,
we read the report in yesterday’s “Die Presse” with pleasure and would like to congratulate you and your daughter on this success! We are proud to have a tapestry from you.
A. and J. S. – Vienna, 4.4.2019

The most beautiful armchair covers, the most wonderful carpet “Catwalk of the Animals”, where do you find it? Of course, at Beate von Harten’s great, great, great!
E. R., Vienna 1.3.2019


Dearest Beate, dearest Celina!
I would like to congratulate you very, very warmly on your Carpet Design Award! I am so infinitely proud of you and can only say that you deserve it! Your carpet is just awesome!
Magdalena – St. Pölten, 1.2.2019

Dear Beate!
We are speechless. You and your daughter managed to win the 1st prize out of 233 submissions from 15 countries! Brilliant! Also the idea! Much work done and great quality make that happen! A crowning achievement! Our warmest congratulations!
Dorothea and Hans – Vienna, 31.1.2019


After my intensive occupation with the Fontainebleau tapestry series as part of my master’s degree, I was able to develop an understanding of the technique of weaving. So I was all the more pleased to get to know the actual practical work. The small, cozy studio has proven to be a very pleasant place to learn the technique on the high and flat loom step by step. A very nice, small group of different women with different interests and goals enriched working and learning together. I was particularly pleased that Beate and Celina dealt with all participants calmly, understandingly and with a lot of time. Each participant was given the opportunity to deepen their own interests and to develop freely. Beate and Celina always had an open ear for questions, difficulties and future projects of the participants. All of this had enough space in the well-structured course and in addition to theory and practice. I am convinced that the weaving course was not only enriching for my studies. I was very happy to share my enthusiasm for handicrafts. Thank you for the wonderful week!
Jeli – Vienna, 22.2.2021

You interweave theoretical and practical knowledge of weaving in a very subtle and humorous way, so that the art of weaving and the material become very tangible and you want to delve deeper into this art. The course atmosphere is appreciative and inspiring and individual needs and wishes are given space. I also think it’s great that there is the possibility of further exchange and, if necessary, the weaving emergency number. Thank you very much!
Patricia – Vienna, 7.2.2021

Dear Beate, dear Celina,
I finally took the time to thank you guys for the wonderful week in Vienna. It was interesting, entertaining and very inspiring. THANKS! What I particularly liked was your interest in us as personalities and our ideas. Of course, learning techniques was my goal, but what I was able to take away from the week was a lot more and on Friday I left your studio happy and with an incredible inner satisfaction. I will continue to work on my weaving projects and if it becomes a very special piece I will keep you updated. Have a wonderful summer and all the best.
Sabine – 12.7.2020

Dear Beate, dear Celina,
I took part in the weaving course last week with enthusiasm and it broadened my horizons and my understanding of weaving by a considerable dimension. And of course, my hands were particularly happy about the different techniques and materials! You, Beate, have succeeded in passing on your passion and commitment to weaving to me. And I would like to thank you, Celina, for the careful and sensitive advice and training. I found the atmosphere during the course week to be harmonious and pleasant and I would be happy if I could take part in another weaving course. With best regards and a big “thank you”.
Monika – Vienna, 31.3.2019