UPCOMING WEAVING COURSES 2024: July 8th-12th & September 23rd-27th DYEING COURSE: July 15th-19th - for beginners & advanced - upon registration or information mail to celina@beatevonharten.at or call +43 699 13133966 UPCOMING EXHIBITION: "Textile art - a cultural medium" at Austrian Cultural Association June 17th - September 16th 2024

The objects deserve it


Restoration and conservation of historical textiles carry history into the future and remind us to create high quality and durable weaves.

Understanding and learning how and why textile art arose, is the goal.

We are happy to strengthen the intentions of all past manufacturers whose work was used, misunderstood or partially destroyed.

Many remain anonymous forever and we want to revive the beauty and function of their objects – which are worth it – in the interests of the current owner.


We find the best and most economical solutions in terms of responsibility for historical textiles and in the interest of their owner. 

With care and respect we process historical fabrics, using authentic materials.

Our knowledge and many years of experience with textiles contribute to this.