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Our story

Beate & Celina

Together – it’s even more fun

Across generations we are working together with our team.
Our goal is to create woven works, to pass on the art of weaving with the knowledge in it and thus to create more awareness for textile art on this planet.
One of our highlights is winning the international Carpet Design Awards 2019 with the art work: “Create & Connect

Beate von Harten

Textile design/fashion studies – Hamburg
Interior design – Stuttgart

Textile restoration and conservation – London and Turkey

1984 realization of the vision of her own studio – Vienna

With exciting projects such as commissions for historical and museum textiles as well as large artistic tapestries, the studio grew into an international coordinate point for woven and knotted fabrics.

Exhibitions and art fairs at home and abroad have further contributed to this.

Celina von Harten

Vienna 2011 – takes threads in hand and starts weaving.

The fun of it moves to define the artistic sense and line and to develop something new.

Visions, designing, producing and organizing the studio, trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as teaching lead to something in common.

International Awards

1991 European Design Award
2011 Nomination int. Carpet Design Award
2012 Tapestry Award Australia
2015 Nomination int. Carpet Design Award
2017 Nomination int. Carpet Design Award
2019 Winner int. Carpet Design Award    

References Textile Art

Museum of Applied Arts – Silk fabric
Dr. Beck – Tapestry
Philips – Tapestry
Bank Austria World Trade C. – Tapestry
Brenz Church Stuttgart – Tapestry
Pillhofer – Tapestry
Hiesmayr – Carpet
Ordination Dr. Grass – Carpet
Office Lederer – Carpet

References Restoration

Lindenmuseum Stuttgart
Castle Schönbrunn
Castle Laxenburg
Hofmobiliendepot Vienna
Austrian Foreign Ministry
Prince Schwarzenberg Collection
Prince Liechtenstein
Klosterneuburg Abbey