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“Magic Garden”

Knotted on upright loom 2011
99 x 164 cm – wool, silk

Moments of inspiration

The idea of a new garden carpet was born on 32nd Street in New York, a place that creates longing. An exhibition of abstract garden pictures, which gave an idea of the light and colors of gardens and views into them, becomes an impulse to devise places of this quality yourself.

Colored areas are first created in a painterly manner and then in wool and silk with around 60 shades of indigo, madder, koschenille, walnut and many nuances, never thinking or talking about garden attributes. Pure color surfaces were connected to one another, creating possible associations in the viewer, the idea of the garden resonated.

From the first moment of the idea in April 2011 to the last knot in November 2011, it is a process of 7 months.