TEXTILE ART SPACE @INCorporating art fair - Hamburg - August 26th-29th! NEXT WEAVING COURSE: September 2021 upon registration or questions mail to textil@beatevonharten.at or call +43 664 9780041

More weaving on this planet


It is very important for us to pass on our knowledge of weaving. More weavers on this planet is our goal. 

We love to give beginners and advanced users the opportunity to find their own weaving language. With color, structure and technology, we jointly develop an arc to interior design, fashion and textile history.


With the history, development and practice of weaving we pass on our knowledge of textile design and restoration through interactive courses or practical training, individually and from the bottom up.

Clarifying the origin of the words and metaphors opens up a new understanding of textile art and craft. We consciously achieve a demanding and personal standard with small groups.

We encourage creativity, look forward to independent ideas and projects or give suggestions.