NEXT WEAVING COURSES 2023: 5 DAYS: January 30th to February 3rd & 3 DAYS: February 17th - 19th - for beginners & advanced - upon registration or information mail to or call +43 699 13133966
Beate von Harten | Tuch&Technik, Neumünster 2018

Our main activities at a glance

1. Textile Design

– for individual woven art in your interior

  • woven tapestries and embroidered art for the wall
  • woven and knotted carpets for the floor 
  • woven fabrics for furniture
  • mini textiles for the wall – also good as a gift 😉
  • scarfs for cold winters and as accessories for your summer dress

2. Textile Restoration 

– for the longevity of your textile

  • restoration
  • conservation
  • cleaning
  • installation 
  • inventory 

of historical textiles from different eras up to today such as:

tapestries, aubussons, knotted carpets, kilims, sumaks, embroidery, paraments, fashion, leather, silk wallpaper, upholstery fabrics, fan, objects with textiles

3. Weaving Courses & More

– for more weaving on our planet 

  • individual weaving courses
  • team building with weaving
  • dyeing courses
  • practical training for weaving and restoration
  • technical and artistic support on your way to be a weaver
  • you got a weaving loom-mess and / or the yarns mixed up? 😉 we are happy to help!

You’re passionate about weaving?