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Brussels tapestry PAULUS, early 17th century
H 346 cm x W 391 cm

This finely woven tapestry from the Brussels manufactories depicts the biblical episode from Paulus first missionary journey to Lystra in great detail. What’s special: Paulus is shown twice – once in the middle, tearing his robe because of his worship as the supposed god Jupiter, and another time in the background he is stoned by Jews.

Condition description

The tapestry is around 400 years old, the colors are well preserved, the wool is quite dry and the silk is brittle. There are visible old restorations, repairs and conservations. The gallon at the bottom of left corner is relatively damaged and loose at the bottom.


For restoration, the lining was removed in the textile studio and cleaning was carried out using the aerosol method. The tapestry was lined with fine, old linen, secured with tension stitches in all open areas and connected to a new linen lining by using support lines. Finally, a tunnel for hanging was mounted.