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Klosterneuburg MARIAN REGALIA

H 103/117 cm W 96/120 cm, 20th century

The Marian regalia owned by Klosterneuburg Abbey is a work by Anton Hofer from the Koloman Moser master class. The valuable chasuble from 1911 is kept in the treasury of this Abbey.

Condition description

The base material is in off white, small, structured silk. The precious embroidery is partly made of metal threads, gold cords, blue silk and small metal pearls are also applied. The dalmatic is framed by a blue gold border.


The reconstruction was carried out in the textile studio and, in the first step, included basic cleaning of the dalmatic, cleaning of the embroidery in and outside, removal of the silk lining and the reconstruction of the raw material from the Heinrich Hetzer silk weaving mill (Flemmich), which has woven this fabric 100 years ago and was discovered by Beate von Harten. Various loose areas of the embroidery of the large appliqué were consolidated and the slightly stressed silk areas were covered with transparent silk grége. The flowers were then marked and transferred to the new fabric. The large appliqué and the attached outer border around the entire dalmatica were also transferred. Finally, the dalmatic was equipped with new cotton and blue silk lining.